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Justdial-next search service bridge the users nad business es by helping users find relevent providers of products and services quickly ,while helping businesses listed in the databae market. It is time consuming and within a click product can find n number of desired products. We can have a easy wey to search all the results in few seconds.

  1. your use of the Service as permitted is solely for your personal use, and you are not permitted to resell or charge others for use of or access to the Service, or in any other manner inconsistent with these Terms of Service;
  2. you will not duplicate, transfer, give access to, copy or distribute any part of the Service in any medium without Justdial's prior written authorization;
  3. you will not attempt to reverse engineer, alter or modify any part of the Service;
  4. you will otherwise comply with the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The Application is currently made available to you free of charge for your personal, non-commercial use. Just Dial reserves the right to amend or withdraw the Application, or charge for the application or service provided to you in accordance with these Justdial Mobile App terms, at any time and for any reason.

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